Nubian Sun

Dr. Nubian Sun, LCSW, Social Work Teacher-Scholar, Artivist, and Spirit-Filled Practitioner, is a native of Memphis, TN (Home of the Blues). She currently an Assistant Professor of Social Work at WKU. She earned her a Bachelor in
Social Work from the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga and received her Master’s degree in Social Work- Community Welfare Management from the University of Tennessee- Knoxville (Nashville Campus). She completed her Doctorate degree in Social Work, Policy, Planning and Administration at the Whitney M. Young Jr., School of Social Work at Clark Atlanta University in March 2015. Her practice, pedagogy and scholarship interests include the following: the Afrocentric perspective, reentry, self-efficacy, performance and social justice, and the intersections of reproductive justice. As an Artivist, and Spirit-Filled Practitioner, she travels between the worlds of theater, culinary arts, African Diasporic dance and drumming, visual/abstract art, healing arts, and music.

My visual art can be described as constellations and natural root designs of our (abstract) environment which create foundations for my artwork. My pieces start from the universe and then flow through my body, out my fingertips, therefore making me its interpreter.

My art forms itself on its “called” surface. When the message is complete, it’s then when I stand back and understand it. Within my artwork one may find prophetic messages, stories, connections, feelings, dreams, and beginnings.

As an artist, I strive for divine understanding and openness as I continue to share this experience with others encouraging them to listen to their messages and divine rite.


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